Mobile Apps were watching

shopify-logoShopify. Run your online and in-store
business through a unified platform
via the iOS-enabled Shopify
POS app. Shopify merchants
can turn their iPads into POS
systems that can accept credit
cards, be used to manage online and in-store inventory
from the cloud, track sales, send email receipts
and more.

shiftplanningStart managing your workforce
from the palm of your hand with
ShiftPlanning for Android, iOS
and Blackberry. The app enables
employers to manage schedules
and staff, while also allowing
employees to view schedules, pick up shifts
and clock in or out on their timesheets. In addition,
users can communicate with colleagues or with entire
departments via private messaging or the app’s
message wall.

talkboard-logoThe Talkboard app by Citrix lets
Web professionals get more
creative with their collaboration
efforts. This free iPad app is
essentially a social whiteboard
that colleagues can use to brainstorm,
take notes, draw diagrams and draft presentations.
Plus, the app updates live so everyone can
see changes as they happen, making collaborations
easier and more efficient.

kashoo-logoThe Kashoo Accounting app is
gaining a reputation of being
one of the best apps for small
businesses. iPad compatible,
Kashoo gives users the ability to
create and send customized invoices,
view customer balances and payment history,
track expenses and monitor cash flow, track
and report sales tax from any country, and even import
accounts and opening balances from Quickbooks.
SMBs can try Kashoo free, which includes
up to 20 transactions per month, or subscribe to
Kashoo for a year for unlimited transactions.

Did you know ?

90% UPS and comScore released results from a consumer
study that found nearly 90 percent of online
shoppers have placed items in their shopping carts
but left the site without making purchases. Online
consumers indicated that communicating shipping
costs and delivery times early in the online shopping
experience can help alleviate cart abandonment.



What is the internet of things anyway?

internet-of-thingsWe take a look at the smart new tech that looks likely to change our homes, our cars and our lives.
If you’ve been to a technology store recently you’ll notice a proliferation of normal items with the word ‘smart’ in front of them. Smart TVs, smart lightbulbs, smart locks, smart dishwashers
– the list is nigh-on endless. These Wi-Fi connected gizmos are part of a bigger movement, dubbed the ‘internet of things’.
The ‘things’ in the phrase can be anything from security cameras to thermostats to cars. The only requirement is they’re capable of being controlled by the internet. A smart security camera, for
example, could send you a text when it detects movement. They can also work the other way, such as a Wi-Fi coffee machine, which can be activated from anywhere in the world.
These may seem like tech novelties, but smarter home objects can save you money. Hive, the internet-connected thermostat, is a clever system that automatically  detects when you’re within a certain
distance of your home and heats it to a nice temperature for when you walk in through the door. The company believes this can save you £150 a year.
While it’s useful for the average punter, internet of things devices provide an additional feedback loop for companies. Hive’s stats have shown the average person living in Scotland keeps their
houses at a warmer average temperature than someone in Cornwall. Obviously… This is just the tip of the iceberg, though: connected cars can send many millions of pieces of data feedback every minute, from the way the driver accelerates
to the way thousands of cars take the same corner. This colossal amount of information, termed ‘big data’, could make cars safer and more economical. If you’re interested in the internet of things we recommend starting small and
building up gradually, rather than overhauling your house. A Wi-Fi socket, for instance, is a cheap way to get into the internet of things, while giving you remote power control of whatever you plug into it,
which could be a lamp, TV or dishwasher.

Internet services

certsWe are a small computer services company specialising in Web Design, IT Training and Internet Consultancy, based in Swindon, Wiltshire.

Robayne Computing Services Ltd. was established in February 1993 and consists of fully qualified freelance Webmasters & design consultants. Whether you are looking for someone to write your new website, maintain your existing one or simply to join your own web design team, we can provide a first-class, professional service to suit your needs. We can also help to train your own IT staff in Website Design and related areas.

Our IT experience is considerable and our rates are very competitive. If you think that you might need our Services, then please do not hesitate to Contact Us to discuss your requirements.

Web Design:

We design and write web sites at most levels; from a basic one-page site that will get you a presence on the Internet, to a fully functional multi-page site. We develop web pages in either Dreamweaver or FrontPage, with graphics, animation and sound developed using the latest technologies, such as Flash and Fireworks. If you need a database, then we can develop this in Microsoft Access and integrate it into your website for you.

We will also maintain your website once it goes live. If you need advice on hosting your site, then we can provide this and arrange a suitable host for you. We can help you to chose and buy your own Domain Name – one which will reflect your company name and image and make your website easy to locate in Search Engines & Directories.

IT Training:

We are currently offering one-to-one tuition on the Internet, Email, Word, Excel, Web Design And Digital Photography. These sessions can be held either in your own home/office or in our office, which currently has 3 PC’s and 2 Printers networked together.

Courses can be tailored to suit your needs and are charged at very reasonable rates. We train all levels of ability from the raw beginner to the more experienced. Times can be arranged to fit in with your schedule.